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Bulk Manufacturing of Custom Ribbon Cable Assemblies for the Electronic Industry

Custom Ribbon Cable AssemblyOur combined experience of over 50 years, Quality Cable Source, Inc. has been manufacturing custom cables for the electronics industry. When one of their customers needed tens of thousands of ribbon cable assemblies in a short amount of time, Quality’s expert electronics technicians knew exactly what to do. The multi-connector, multi-wire planar cable—or ribbon cables—were made from 10 conductor .050 pitch material. A high-speed Komax wire processor was used to cut and strip the ribbon cable to the final size of 10.5″. Quality Cable’s crimping press was then called into action to affix the DB-9 connector pins to the cable ends. Throughout the entire manufacturing process, Quality Cable used visual and continuity tests to ensure exacting tolerances of ±.005″ and angles of ±0°30′. Quality Cable rigidly adhered to the customer’s specifications using 2D CAD drawings to guide the intricate process. Quality Cable Source now provides their customer in Georgia over 100,000 of these ribbon cable assemblies every year.

Rapid turnaround of flat cable assemblies for the electronics industry happens every day at Quality Cable Source, Inc. Contact us to learn how we can provide you with our custom ribbon cable assemblies services to you.