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Custom Cable Fabrication Services of Wire Harnesses for the Telecommunications Industry

Wire & Cable HarnessQuality Cable Source, Inc. is well known for its custom cable fabrication capabilities, which not only includes the ability to interconnect like wires, but also the skill to combine multiple types of wires into a custom harness. This is exactly what one of their telecommunications customers requested for a custom wire harness used to transmit signals or electrical power. Exercising its ability to deliver custom wire harnesses cost efficiently through the use of highly efficient equipment, Quality Cable used its high-speed Komax wire processor to size the PTFE-coated wires. Skilled operators then used crimping presses to securely attach the Molex connectors. Working from customer-supplied prints and 2D CAD drawings, Quality Cable Source manufactured these custom wire harnesses to exacting tolerance of ± .125″. Quality control personnel from Quality Cable carefully tested heights, as well as harness lengths. Further testing eliminated the possibility of electrical shorts, followed by pull force tests on all end terminals. Quality Cable Source was able to deliver thousands of these custom wire harnesses, using their own trucks, in two to four weeks to a satisfied customer in Northwest Illinois.

Quality Cable Source, Inc. can work with multiple types of wires, accurately and efficiently combining them into a custom wire harness for use in the communications industry. Contact us to learn more about their full range of their services.